About Us

Our Guarentee: 

Lice Removal By Magic Hands makes every attempt to completely remove all lice and nits from the affected individual. However, due to the nature of lice, we do understand that re-exposure and the possibility of re-infestation is very likely, thus we are unable to guarantee that you will never contract lice again. For this reason, Lice Removal By Magic Hands offers a courtesy free recheck within 2 weeks of your treatment. 

We strongly urge our clients to follow a set of preventative guidelines, post-treatment, which includes some at home follow up care. See Salon for details.

A crucial part of our treatment service is for our clients to 
maintain their follow-up head check within our suggested time period. The follow-up must be completed 14 days post treatment.  
All family members of the treated person(s) must be checked by our Lice Removal By Magic Hands experts. As the appearance of head lice occurs with further contact with active cases of head lice, we can only uphold our guarantee when we ascertain that all members living with the treated person(s) have been checked and treated if necessary.

14 day Guarantee:

When lice feed on our blood they leave behind a scent that gives a signal to other lice letting them know that you are a favorable host.  It is unknown how long this lasts, but a good rule of thumb is too be extra diligent with checking and combing for 90 days post treatment.  Because you are at greater risk of reinfestation within 90 days, we highly suggest our prevention products be used at home post treatment; most importantly the terminator lice-comb which should be used once a week, and our Absolute Clear Enzyme Head Spray.  These practices highly reduce the chance of re-infestation. If you purchase our take home prevention kit, we will be happy to extend our guarantee to 21 days.

Because it is so easy to be re-infected with head lice, there will be no refunds. We can only honor our guarantee if our treated clients follow our series of suggested steps: maintain their follow up head check, practice their weekly combing, practice preventative measures, and have all live-in family members checked by our experts. 

If you have followed all of our guidelines and find yourself reinfested within the 14 days of treatment, our team will provide post treatment removal service at no additional charge. Our goal is to keep our customers happy and lice-free and provide all families and community members with proper education and prevention methods.

We always practice safe methods and never use products that contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, parabens, artificial colors or fragrances. All of our products are natural, animal-free tested, and non-toxic.

If you would like for us to speak at your school, day care, community group, camp, or any type of organization, we are happy to do so. Please contact salon to make arrangements.